Maison Moschino


In a neoclassical building that was once a city’s railway station and is now at the heart of the modern centre of 21st century Milan, a new world made of fantasy and dreamy atmospheres has born: Maison Moschino. The hotel represents a stellar example of a new approach in hotel hospitality. With its 65 rooms divided into 16 different themes, its “Clandestino Milano” restaurant headed by acclaimed Chef Moreno Cedroni, its bar, its brand new “ART” SPA, Maison Moschino stands out for its unique design, that applies to the interiors of the hotel the typical language of fashion and creates fanciful settings and surrealistic images.

Viale Monte Grappa, 12 - Milano
Tel. +39 0229009858 - Fax +39 0263793865